About Us

We provide buildings of all sizes with a comprehensive set of solutions that meet your needs.

The Almatec Constructions company is based in Thessaloniki, in privately owned facilities, providing design and construction services of luxury and contemporary houses and other complex buildings such as (hotels, offices, business premises, shops, etc.). It commenced operations 20 years ago and specializes in complete interior and exterior building structures. The primary role of the company is the functionality, architecture and coverage of needs of modern times, with respect to quality and the environment.

The company has developed a particular philosophy, which it has since the beginning of its establishment until today:

  • Searches the most privileged plots.
  • Suggests the best utilization of interior.
  • It focuses on the functionality of a building combined with aesthetics.
  • Implements innovative ideas.
  • Completes each project in the most efficient and cost effective way.
  • Ensures the right energy efficiency of the building and proper combination with the environment (bioclimatic buildings).
  • Pledges towards the customer and after the completion of a project (After Sales Service).

The majority of people spend most of their time inside buildings. Some of them have been constructed for the purpose of education, work, fun, rest or simply living.

We are here to build your own.